• Wireless personal alarm
  • Wearable: wrist, pendant or pocket
  • IP67 water proof
  • Made in Finland
  • Modular TWIG SRD system


Wireless Personal Alarm

TWIG Button is worn and operated discreetly in wrist, as a pendant or in pocket. Alternatively it can be integrated in clothing, or work place.

User triggers TWIG SOS cycle by pressing the alarm button. Green indicator light acknowledges that the alert has been received by base station.

TWIG Button uses the TWIG Protector as its mobile base station, which transmits alarm to the alarm receiving centre (ARC) over mobile network. Base station can make automatic voice calls, initiate silent or loud alert, and include information on cause of alert and position.

TWIG Button can be used in a wide range of environments. It is IP67 water proof and has an operating temperature range of -20 to +50 C.

Operating range of TWIG Button from its base station is typically 10-20 meters indoors and 50-100 meters outdoors.

The TWIG short range devices (SRD) system is modular. TWIG Protector with SRD transceiver can receive alarms from several TWIG Buttons, determine its position from nearby TWIG Beacons also when GPS signal is not available, and register attendance by swiping TWIG Tags.